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Testimonials from PrepJet Customers
"Prepjet is systematized in a purposeful and fundamental way. The material is well organized and not overwhelming. I appreciated the section summaries and quizzes, which thoroughly prepared me for the Prepjet tests. The questions on the quizzes and tests were worded similarly to the actual exam, which reduced my stress level. The program also offered support via phone and instant messenger, a crucial aspect of the program and one of the reasons for my success. I appreciate all the support offered. 

Trust yourself, you know more than you think you do. 
Trust in Prepjet...their strategy, their knowledge, their advice, and their support! Prepjet is here to help you succeed!"

~ Dr. Tara McGarry 
"I'm sure I wouldn't have passed without PrepJet"

~ Susan Allen

"PrepJet was a great help to me in getting me back in the mindset of taking exams, letting me practice, and also helping me to learn how to think and strategize and understand what the test questions are looking for! 

Also the staff are really helpful and I truly got the feeling they cared about helping me to prepare. I took the exam once prior to using PrepJet and did not pass. After using PrepJet for my 2nd attempt I passed! Thanks PrepJet!" 

~ Nole Laporre, MFT
"I especially enjoyed the practice exams and very well-written rationales. These rationales and test strategies were some of the best and most useful I’ve seen. Thank you for creating a program that’s affordable and based on a monthly subscription, on an as needed basis, instead of hundreds of dollars. 

Keep up the great work with PrepJet!"

– Diana B.
“PrepJet helped me pass the EPPP in a little over a month, with Scott Ables coaching me for just 3 weeks. I did some studying on my own beforehand but it was very minimal and lacked structure and organization. 

I love the way PrepJet's website is set up. The content areas are broken down into user-friendly sections, and analytics show all quiz and test results, which help keep track of progress. The program is much cheaper than most others and very comprehensive, and Scott really cares about how well you do.”

- Alice Borodiansky
"I began studying during full time postdoctoral training. The thought of finding time to study, work full
time, and care for three young children was daunting. 

I researched EPPP programs and purchased a six-month subscription with a well-known company consisting of audios, textbooks, and exam questions.

After work and on the weekends, I devoted many hours to reading and learning information in various
ways. I made a study plan and followed it regularly. When I scheduled the EPPP for the first time, my
package subscription was about to expire, but I was feeling confident in my abilities to succeed. Despite
many months of effort, I failed the EPPP. 

I was devastated and lacking in confidence. It was then that I heard about Prep Jet. I was not looking forward to getting back into the long days and nights of studying again, but I liked that Prep Jet offered a monthly enrollment option without a long-term commitment. A coach reached out to me immediately to discuss my experience and provide guidance in getting back on track. 

This was something that I did not experience prior to Prep Jet and was a game changer. 

My coach was the greatest ally for keeping me focused from week to week. My study sessions became more
meaningful and goal directed. I liked the ease of being able to access domain information and exam
questions from my mobile devices as I am a busy mother. Additionally, the information was concise and
easy to understand. I started making meaningful connections and really learning the information
presented in each domain. 

Within a few months, I was ready to test again. This time, I passed with a comfortable margin and was finally able to get back to what matters the most, my family. Prep Jet offered a service that matched my lifestyle at a great price. Thank you for helping me achieve another milestone in my career."

~ Tammy Gregorowicz, PhD
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PrepJet gives you a revolutionary metric to help you study smarter, a Readiness Score.

Just by taking your diagnostic exam (which you can do in your trial right away) you will get your exam Readiness Score.

Your Readiness Score is a cumulative representation of your proficiency across all content areas, weighted to the exam specifications. Your score saves you time by showing you exactly what topics you need to study to be confidently prepared.
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