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  • No overwhelming content - just the right amount for a targeted review
  •  Individualizes the studying experience
  •  Pinpoints your areas of strength and weakness to focus your review
  •   Clean, simple, and easy-to-use on any device
  •  Amazing customer care, support, and guidance
  • ​Lowest month-to-month pricing on the market
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What's Included
  • Diagnostic exam, actionable results
  • ​Reading summaries divided into key Praxis content areas
  • Quizzes for each summary found on the Praxis 
  • Full-length practice exams with detailed rationales 
  •  New exam content added continuously
  •  A clean, easy-to-use interface 
  •  Month-to-month subscription
  • ​Access to experts to answer questions via chat feature 
Passing your exam relies on knowing what you need to study - we make it easy!
See exactly what you need to study
Here's an example of what PrepJet shows you after every practice exam: 
Q: What Sets PrepJet Apart?
A: See What to Study + Get Real Support
Actionable Personalized Data & Studying Support
Based on your latest practice exam, you will see which content areas you need to re-read and quiz on, drilled down to the sub-topic level.

You don't have to keep track of the questions you miss and need to focus on, PrepJet does it for you!

Read summaries and take mini quizzes to test your knowledge. Retake practice exams until all your subject areas turn green. You can also message an exam expert anytime who will give you personal attention and support - that's huge!
Tackle your Exam, Accomplish Your Goals!
Ready to put this exam behind you?
We hear you! 

You’re eager to pass the Praxis but aren’t sure where to turn. You wonder if you have enough knowledge in all the content areas. When you check out other programs, you see ones that throw a ton of information at you and others that give you way too little.

That’s why we created PrepJet! Finally, an affordable program that offers just the right amount of content to help you pass the Praxis, without wasting time on information you don’t need to review. We listened to fellow SLPs and built PrepJet to serve YOU!
What makes PrepJet better than others?
• Cost 💰
PrepJet is one of the only month-to-month subscription options, with the lowest monthly price to boot! We are transparent and serious about getting you the best price! 

• Value ⚖️
Even though you are paying less, you are getting what you need most! PrepJet is packed with focused content summaries for the exam. It is expertly organized and provides tons of personalized data to show you where you stand and what to study. You also get access to a colleague chatroom and instant message with our experts!

• Study Enough, Not Too Much or Too Little 📚
You don’t want a program that offers too much (a textbook!) or too little (just flashcards!). You want that sweet spot, and that’s what PrepJet delivers. Our material is written by Certified SLPs who know exactly what it’s like to prepare for the Praxis: you want clear, concise information at your fingertips. PrepJet’s material has been created with exactly that in mind.

• Customize Your Study Approach 💯
This is huge! After you take a practice exam, PrepJet knows all the questions you aced and missed, it shows you exactly what your weak areas are down to the sub-topic level. Then, PrepJet suggests what to read-up on, quiz on, and re-test on, so you can take the exam with confidence.

• Use Across Any Device 📱
This should be standard these days, but it's not! PrepJet is the only program out there you can rely on using on any Apple, Android, or Microsoft device - anywhere in the world!

• Get Expert Support, Anytime 🙋
Anxious about the exam? Have a question about a quiz item? Concerned you are not getting an important concept? We are here for you, anytime! Once you are an active PrepJet user, you can instant message an exam expert who will get back to you with personal assistance anywhere you need it. It is like having a private tutor at your fingertips. 
Key Features Not Found in Other Programs
Focused Reviews
Our summaries let you study at your own pace. Each topic has a concise, easy-to-ready summary, including tables and other features that make key information simple to review. Need to review fluency disorders? Pick the summary on fluency disorders and read it. Take the quiz. Digest that information and move on. 
Find Topics Fast
Don’t waste time clicking and scrolling to find a topic. Advanced search lets you easily find the topics you are looking for. 
Study on All Devices
Whenever you do something in PrepJet it automatically updates it across all of your devices, so you can go from laptop to tablet to phone seamlessly.
Take Notes, Mark it up
Mark a test question during or after a practice exam so you can return and study it later. Highlight and take notes in the content summaries and easily view them later.
A New Way to Pass 
“PrepJet has quickly become one of the leading providers of exam prep for psychologists in the U.S., and we’re ready and excited to do the same for SLPs! 

We take a novel approach to exam prep. We assume you learned the subject matter in grad school. You don’t need to read more books. What you haven’t learned is how to take this particular exam. So PrepJet does two things: we help you efficiently review what you learned in school (plus bonus content that may be tested by the exam) and we help you understand how the content might be tested on the Praxis. 

Another reason for our success is that we use learning science principles to help you achieve optimal results when you test. We make it easy to space your practice over time by dividing exam content into brief summaries focused on discrete topics. You can pick one to study and finish it easily in one session. You can also take advantage of the testing effect by taking our quizzes as you study, as well as by taking our practice exams as many times as you want during your subscription. 

We hope you give PrepJet a try. I wish you the best of success to you in your professional career!”

Michael C. Markovitz, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist
The Key is Gaining Real Insights & Taking Confident Action
You don’t need to read a general review or go back to class notes
That won’t tell you much about how to focus your studies. Plus, you might end up over- or under-reviewing. To help you study less and more effectively, PrepJet’s smart technology will show you what you don’t need to study—phew! Focus your energy only where you need to, take your exam with confidence!
Save time, study smarter
See your strengths and weaknesses drilled down to the sub-domain level. PrepJet pinpoints your exact deficiencies and shows you where to take action – skip hours of unnecessary studies and just focus on what you need.
Let's Tackle Your Exam!
PrepJet gives you a revolutionary metric to help you study smarter - a Readiness Score.

Just by taking your diagnostic exam (which you can do in the free trial right away) you will get your personalized Readiness Score.

Your Readiness Score is a cumulative representation of your proficiency across all content areas. It saves time by showing you exactly what topics you need to study to be confidently prepared. 
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