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"Prepjet is systematized in a purposeful and fundamental way. The material is well organized and not overwhelming. I appreciated the section summaries and quizzes, which thoroughly prepared me for the Prepjet tests. The questions on the quizzes and tests were worded similarly to the actual exam, which reduced my stress level. The program also offered support via phone and instant messenger, a crucial aspect of the program and one of the reasons for my success. I appreciate all the support offered. 

Trust yourself, you know more than you think you do. 
Trust in Prepjet...their strategy, their knowledge, their advice, and their support! Prepjet is here to help you succeed!"

~ Dr. Tara McGarry 
Your stats tell all
Based on your latest practice exam, you will see which topics you need to re-read and quiz on, drilled down to the sub-topic level.

You don't have to keep track of the questions you miss and need to focus on, PrepJet does it for you!

Read summaries and take mini quizzes to test your knowledge. Retake exams until all your subject areas turn green.

"I'm sure I wouldn't have passed without PrepJet"

~ Susan Allen
Find what you need 
Advanced search lets you easily find what you are looking for. Don't waste time clicking and scrolling to find a topic. 
Syncs across devices
Whenever you do something in PrepJet it automatically updates it across all devices, so you can go from laptop to tablet to phone seamlessly.
Mark it, take a note 
Mark a test question during or after a practice exam so you can return and study it later. 

Highlight and take notes in the content summaries so you can find them easily and see your reminders.
A Message from PrepJet's President
You have just stumbled upon the most streamlined exam prep available today. I am confident you will love it! PrepJet is an affordable, easy-to-use program packed with the latest exam updates.

Prepjet's content was written in 2017 by exam prep experts who have been preparing candidates for more than 20 years!

The team at Prepjet has helped thousands of candidates pass their licensing exams over the last several decades and are excited for you to try this new powerful program. We look forward to helping you pass!

Scott Ables
President of PrepJet

"PrepJet was a great help to me in getting me back in the mindset of taking exams, letting me practice, and also helping me to learn how to think and strategize and understand what the test questions are looking for! 

Also the staff are really helpful and I truly got the feeling they cared about helping me to prepare. I took the exam once prior to using PrepJet and did not pass. After using PrepJet for my 2nd attempt I passed! Thanks PrepJet!" 

~ Nole Laporre, MFT
Simple, Clear, Actionable
In order for you to study better, we eliminated what you don't need, and focused on what you do need. A simple program that delivers the essentials clearly so you know where to take action.
Personalized Data
Your strengths and weaknesses are displayed across all major content areas.  Drill down into any topic to pinpoint your exact exam deficiencies and take action in seconds. 
"I especially enjoyed the practice exams and very well-written rationales. These rationales and test strategies were some of the best and most useful I’ve seen. Thank you for creating a program that’s affordable and based on a monthly subscription, on an as needed basis, instead of hundreds of dollars. 

Keep up the great work with PrepJet!"

– Diana B.
How Ready are You?
PrepJet gives you a revolutionary metric to help you study smarter, a Readiness Score.

Just by taking your diagnostic exam (which you can do in your trial right away) you will get your exam Readiness Score.

Your Readiness Score is a cumulative representation of your proficiency across all content areas, weighted to the exam specifications. Your score saves you time by showing you exactly what topics you need to study to be confidently prepared.
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