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EPPP Master Class November Series
Please Confirm Pre-Requisites:
Because the Master Class Series is designed for PrepJet members who have committed to their studies and are ready for a higher level of comprehension, before enrolling (or before attending the first class session) you must have, within the last three months, read PrepJet’s 11 content domains and taken at least one of our full-length practice exams.
  • Commitment: The Master Class is for serious EPPP candidates
  • Reading Content: It is expected that all 11 content areas have been completely read
  • Exam Practice: You must complete a full-length Practice Exam and have your results available 
  • Questions: Not sure if you qualify? Check-in with our team, email to see if the Master Class is right for you or how you can fast-track your way to the requirements 
Please Confirm Enrollment
I confirm that I meet the academic prerequisites for enrollment listed 
I acknowledge that a refund is available until three days (72 hours) before the first session of the Master Class Series you’ve enrolled in
You will receive a confirmation right away to your inbox with details on how to attend
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